Dec. 19
   We studied Maori culture today.
   We had a birthday celebration  during the morning break.  We ate some birthday cake.  It was very delicious.
   I did Maori Arts & crafts.  It was fun!      <Ayaka>

    I made a flax flower and a poi.   And I played the stick game.  It was difficult to make a flax flower, but when I understood how to make it, I was happy.  Especially, the stick game was very fun!  I think I'll tell my family how to play the stick game.      <Honami>

Dec. 20
   Today, I had a lot of fun to do.  First, at Agrodome ( Farm show ), I saw sheep.  They are cute.  Second, I saw many birds and fish in Rainbow springs park.  Third, I took Gondola and rode a luge.  It was very fun.  Fourth, I saw Maori show and took a tour in whakarewarewa.  It was intreesting.      <Sumire>

Sightseeing in Rotorua
   We went to Rotorua and watched a sheep show.  Four students participated in the show.  And we saw many stuffed kiwis.
   After that, we watched a Maori show.  Boys joined the show and danced Maori dance.      <Mako>

Dec. 21, 22
Last weekend
   I went to a waterfall and a beach on Saturday.  I saw the big waterfall and I went up about 260 steps.  On the beach, I saw children swimming.
   I went cycling and went to church.  I went to  the park by bike.  It was a lot of fun!      <Nao>

Satisfying weekend
   On weekend, I went fishing in the sea with my host father and his friend.  I could catch one fish!  It was very fun!!  But I got seasick.
   I had the fish for dinner with my host family.  My host family said   to me, "Thank you, Risa."  I was very happy to hear it.
   I'm going to treasure the other six days.      <Risa>

Very fun!
   I went swimming with my host family and J's host family.  It was fun because I went to swimming pools for the first time in this year.
   At night, I went to see Christmas lights with my host family.  The Christmas lights were very beautiful.  
   It was very fun today!      <Reina> 

Precious time!
   I played wakeboard in the lake last Saturday.  It was very fun!
And I did milking.  Because I saw a lot of cow for the first time, I was astonished.
   In thee afternoon, I went shopping for a lot of food.  

   I live a full life!      <Ema>



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